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How To Apply For A Job On Facebook Or Switch Careers

Job seeker applying for a job on Facebook

Almost everyone knows the internet is the place to go when applying for work.  From Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, or many other job board related sites there is a pretty standard formula to applying for jobs online.  Facebook is working hard to shake up the online job search ecosystem with their own job board.  Follow our guide to learn how to apply for a job on Facebook.

Launching in early 2018 the jobs section on Facebook started out small with most users and businesses not even aware the feature was there.  Since then it has started booming in popularity and is competing with the long established job listings sites as the most friendly job board for both the prospective employee and the hiring employer.

What Makes Job Hunting On Facebook Different

Facebook has worked hard to put together a jobs interface that is easy and simple for everyone to apply for a job on Facebook.  You can filter the job listings based on your location, the category of the work you want, and the job type from:

  • Full Time
  • Part time
  • Internship
  • Volunteer
  • Contract

While the category list might be small for now it should continue to grow as more and more businesses discover the benefits for using Facebook for their job recruiting.  

Once you find a job that you want, you do not need to worry about a long drawn out process to be able to apply for a job on Facebook.  The social media giant already has a lot of your work and education history so a lot will be pre filled in for you once you hit the apply button.  There is not a way to upload a resume at this time, but it does offer you the ability to add in text and more info about you and your work history.  Once you double check and make sure that the info that Facebook has about you is up to date and what you want to send to your new prospective employer it’s just one click to do so.  They employer will receive a notification and message on Facebook with your application and can contact you through Facebook, email, or by phone.

How To Apply For A Job On Facebook

  1. Before applying or even looking at any job posts on Facebook you’ll want to take a long good look at your profile first and clean up anything you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.  Remember Facebook is going to fill in some fields on your application from your profile. Make sure your real name is listed, not a nickname and either clean up posts that you wouldn’t want employers to see or change your privacy settings to make your posts private.
  2. Update your work history, location, and education profiles.  Those two sections are most often what is sent when you apply for a job so make sure they are up-to-date.
  3. Go to the Jobs tab under the explore section on your Facebook page.  It’s typically on the left hand side of your main newsfeed.
  4. Browse the job listings for any that you feel you are a good match for.  Use the filter settings on the left hand side to narrow down the results to better fit the type of job you are looking for.
  5. When you find a listing you like, read it carefully and make sure you can handle the expectations and fit the requirements.  If there are any that you are close or borderline in terms of what you can provide and perform then make sure you address that in the work experience description section on your application.
  6. Click apply now and completely fill out the application form.  Some of the sections Facebook will auto fill for you, but you’ll still need to proof read them and make sure they fit for the type of job you are applying to.
  7. Fill out your work experience in detail.  This will be the best way for the potential employer to get a good and fair look into you as a potential employee.  Facebook doesn’t give you the option to upload a resume or cover letter so use the description section to sell yourself and show why you would be a great fit for the company you are applying to.
  8. Under the education section if you have attended college and your major fits well with the job you are applying for make sure that you add that in and don’t just leave the school you attended on there.  The more information the better.
  9. Follow the page of the company you are applying to.  Doing so will help you get a better idea of what the work culture is like at that company and help you access if the position is right for you.
  10. Once you submit your application the business will receive a message or notification.  
  11. After you apply for a job on Facebook you’ll want to keep an eye on your notifications, email, and phone as each business will choose different ways to reach out to applicants to set up interviews.

What Happens After Your Application Is Sent

Once you’ve applied you’ll want to give the business some time go through applications and choose who to contact.  If you feel you are a great fit and really want to work for the company after researching them, then don’t be afraid to send a follow up message to the business Facebook page as you’ve waited and given them ample time to reach out to you.  You can also check the box towards the end of the application before submitting that will notify you if that company posts any other job listings.

The jobs section is still new but is rapidly growing so you’ll want to check it often as more and more businesses learn about it and start posting job opportunities to it.  It’s a great resource to use on your current or any future job hunting endeavors.  Our team at Navolutions feels that Facebook’s job section will continue to grow and soon will dominate the online job placement market. 

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